Sash Windows Chatham Offer a Full Windows Repair Services

By focusing primarily on the repair of original sash window, Sash Windows Chatham also call to use the efficiency characteristics of the window as a whole. Sash Windows Chatham will install new hardware, replace weather-strips, chains and cords, rebalance and lubricate the pulleys before putting the sash window back into its frame. When reconstructing or wiping your present-day window, Sash Windows Chatham will remove the present sash from the window frame prior to starting work.

Sash Windows Chatham Offer Gaurenteed Repairs

Sash Windows Chatham are certain at Sash Windows Chatham that we can correct most of the damage or decomposition that effects sash windows. Not only do repaired sash windows offer more efficient use, Sash Windows Chatham can paint and match them to improve the presence of your home. Sash Windows Chatham are able to rectify any everyday snags associated with sash windows with simple repair work.

We Can Repair All Types of Sash Windows

At Sash Windows Chatham we use a particular sealing method in order to provide minimum draught and air leakage. Before Sash Windows Chatham insert new resin and/or timber, we will ensure cleaning out of the window joints and taking away any decayed wood. Occasionally the damage to your sash windows may be so pronounced that it might be that you might be required to consider Sash Windows Chatham performing a complete or partial window replacement.


Sash Windows Chatham window repair services can induce an increase in property value, lowered energy bills and noise pollution and little draught and wind rattling. Sash Windows Chatham draft proofing services at Sash Windows Chatham present an excellent way to increase the efficiency of your sash window frames. Repairing your windows at Sash Windows Chatham can result in draught reduction, soundproofing and overall effectiveness of the renovated windows.

Sash Windows Chatham Are The Company to Trust

The window will be tinted through the utilisation of a top quality finish by a Sash Windows Chatham Practiced earlier to being gives back. Sash Windows Chatham have a typical scheme of operations that is followed but subject to the repairs that claim to be ready the following process may vary: Often Sash Windows Chatham find our repair work can slowly result in sash windows appearing in the manner that they've stayed reintegrated.